Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Crew Headset with Bluetooth and Duplex Intercom

SAMPSON has done it again! Now you can have it all in one headset- 


  • Over-The-Head or Behind-The-Head headset design
  • 24dB hearing protection
  • Complete noise cancelling M201 mic
  • 2-way radio communication ready (1 or 2 radios)
  • Scanner jack
  • 4 place full duplex intercom system integrated (up to 4 headsets at the same time)
  • Cell phone Bluetooth connection (sync phone and music)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015


From now until the end of the year, customers will receive FREE shipping on all orders over $500!
Take advantage of this saving and order that Racing Package you have been wanting for Christmas, or get that gift for someone you know would love to have one.

SAMPSON Racing Communications is your first and only stop for all your racing communications needs!

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Stilo Helmets for 2016

SAMPSON Racing Radios-
2015 Stilo Helmets are back in stock and ready to ship.

Free helmet kit install with any helmet and helmet kit system purchased from SRC-

Click Here for Details

Cheers, SRC - SAMPSON Racing Radios

Monday, November 2, 2015

SAMPSON- Why use digital radio

Digital radio has major advantages for motor racing team use, the inherent noise cancelling of digital systems combined with our noise cancelling technology provides much clearer and higher quality communication in high noise environments than analogue radio. 100% radio Communications at all time.The rejection of interference from other users and the ability of a 2 car team to use one radio channel and one repeater*  avoiding the need for scanning radio channels previously used in analogue systems which introduced delays and partly lost communications.

The Digital system also offers Digital, Analogue or mixed digital /analogue modes making it ideal for migration from analogue to digital by using your existing analogue pit radios.
All this helps provide a more flexible and usable solution to every teams communication needs.

Key Benefits:

Single repeater has 2 channels...2 conversations can take place on one radio channel at once, ideal for 2 car teams. *

Car and Pit calls can be monitored without scanning...No more lost first words from slow scanning.
Secure, digital conversations...No more eavesdropping.
Clear, crisp, digital conversation...Consistent voice quality and volume.
Inherent digital noise cancelling... Ideal for high noise applications. Complete control over back ground noise.
Analogue Mode...Existing analogue equipment can be integrated into system.

Immunity to interference.
Digital radio is far less likely to be affected by pit lane interference.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

SAMPSON offering $150 Rebate on EVX-531 Digital Racing Radios!

Fantastic sale going on right now on our Digital Racing Radios System at ONLY $1099. Add to that a trade in of $150 (see below) and now you're looking at a brand NEW Digital System with a 3yr warranty for ONLY $949!!!

Complete 5watt Digital System ONLY$1099

Monday, January 19, 2015

Endurance Racing Radios 20watt System ready for the 2015 Season!

20 Watt Road Racer Package
IMSA Wired
For the Driver:
  • Vertex VX-2100 20Watt Mobile Radio
  • IMSA Car Harness w/ Coil Cord
  • Velcro Push-to-Talk w/ Coil Cord
  • Noise Canceling IMSA Helmet Kit w/ Flex Boom Mic
  • Pro Challenger II Foam Tip Ear Buds
  • "Shark Fin" Roof Mount Antenna Kit

For the Crew:
  • Vertex VX351 5 Watt UHF 15 Channel Radio (same as driver)
  • Detachable Vertex Coil Cord
  • Spotter Behind-the-Head Flex Boom Headset 

Includes easy to understand instructions and hardware

Monday, January 12, 2015

Wireless Off Road Racing Radios Intercom

2-Place/2-Way Wireless Off Road Racing Radios Intercom System
This is the perfect system that offers true wireless intercom, 2way racing radios and stereo music between driver/passenger(s). We run this same system in our RZR with helmet's and love it! Examples of others that use this same setup are Airboats (waterproof), Rock Crawling, Off Road Racing Radios, Snowmobiles, Airplanes, Sand Rails, etc..

What Comes In This Intercom System:
  • (2) Wireless Bluetooth Intercom Helmet Modules (Battery Life of 10-12 Hours and up to 60 Feet of communication)
  • Noise Canceling Microphones
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing (ADSP) Technology which offers the very best sound quality for both in-coming and out-going sound in the industry
  • True Stereo Speakers with base and mid tones
  • (1) Remote Mount 2-way Radio Hub which integrates the Wireless Bluetooth Modules to the handheld or mobile radio unit
  • Coil Cord and Radio Specific interface Jumper
  • Coil Cord Remote Mount Push to Talk for 2way radio


How It Works & Options:

  • The 2Way Radio Hub wirelessly allows you to tie in 2-way communication through a handheld device or mobile unit paired with a helmet or headset. The 2-way radio connects to the 2Way Radio Hub via a coil cord jumper which is radio specific. When a 2-way radio call comes through the radio/mobile unit, the person paired with the hub hears the incoming call and can transmit back. After TX has ended, radio or intercom comes back to users as before
  • The Wireless Intercom Modules (helmet or headsets) offer live, duplex and hands free conversation (Up to 4 people). They can be used In manual PTT (Push-to-Talk) or VOX (Voice operated) mode. Wireless communications between users up to 60'. Each unit can Bluetooth Interface with Phone and 2-way Radio Hub
  • Each helmet/headset user can listen to their own music simultaneously or one can take lead and allow the other to listen in. If a call comes through while each helmet is listening to their own music, only the cell phone receiving the call will be able to accept and communicate. If both helmets are listening to one persons paired music, and a call comes in – the secondary helmet will be removed from the conversation and the person receiving the call will then be able to accept and communicate. At the end of the call the live music will come back online.
Note: Helmets/Headsets or 2way radios not included. This system is ready to be used with your current radio. Just add the correct radio interface jumper and your ready to go!